Help & FAQ


What payment types do you accept?
Will I be charged sales tax?
If I’m ordering from overseas, will I be charged import or customs duties?
I placed an order, but I need to change it. How can I do that?
I need to cancel my order. How can I do that?
I'm placing an order as a gift, how do I make sure no prices are shown in the order?
I’m having problems checking out. Can you help me?
Do you sell your products at a physical store?
I missed out on ______. Will this color be back in stock?


Do you ship internationally?
How much does shipping cost?
When will my order ship?
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Do you offer express shipping?


What is your return policy?
I'm missing item(s) in my order. How can this be fixed?
My order was damaged in transit. What do I do?


What does 10-free mean?
Are your products vegan?
Do you conduct animal testing?
What is your ingredient list?
Do you have an MSDS?
Do you offer gel polish?
What is holographic nail polish and how does it work?
What is thermal nail polish and how does it work?
What is magnetic nail polish?

Tips & Tricks

My nail polish keeps chipping. How can I make my manicure last longer?
My nail polish turned thick and goopy. How can I fix it?
My nail polish has separated. Did it go bad?
How should I store my polish?
My cap is stuck. How do I open my bottle?
How can I remove glitter polishes with ease?


Who is Val?
What is Val's title?
How old is Val?
Where can I find more pictures?
What is Val like?