Vice Mix Match Nail Art Tutorial

Our go-to Summer look is ALWAYS going to be a vibrant mix-and-match mani. Achieve this look with our Vice Collection, our Dotting Tools, and our new At Its Finest Nail Art Brush. Keep scrolling to see how easily you can recreate this maximalist trend!


Supplies Needed

Get Ready Base CoatLooking Glass Top CoatSocialiteKushy  PyroElectric DaisySky HighGuilty Pleasure • At Its Finest Nail Art BrushClean Up BrushDotting Tools 




Step 1: Begin with Get Ready Base Coat.

Step 2: Using At Its Finest Nail Art Brush, paint on a slanted horizontal line of Kushy on the upper section of the nail.

Step 3: Apply Sky High at an angle at the tip of the nail, using the polish brush.

Step 4: Dip our Clean Up Brush into Acetone to clean up the edges around the nail.

Step 5: On another nail, apply 2 coats of Electric Daisy.

Step 6: Create a vertical swirl using Socialite and At Its Finest Nail Art Brush.

Step 7: Fill the shape in with the polish brush.

Step 8: Fill in the edges of the nail using At Its Finest Nail Art Brush.  

Step 9: Using the second largest Dotting Tool, add a dot of Socialite over the Electric Daisy section, and vice versa to create a Yin and Yang design.

Step 10: On the third nail, use a smaller Dotting Tool dipped in Guilty Pleasure and apply 5 dots in a circle to create flower petals.

Step 11: Repeat using Sky High, Socialite, Kushy, and Pyro.

Step 12: Use our Clean Up Brush as needed.

Step 13: When dry, apply dots of Electric Daisy in the center of each flower.

Step 14: On the fourth nail, repeat the steps from the first nail using Socialite and Guilty Pleasure.

Step 15: On the final nail, paint one line down the center of the nail using At Its Finest Nail Art Brush and Pyro. 

Step 16: Paint three perpendicular lines equally spread apart on the nail.

Step 17: Use Pyro to fill in the alternating sections of the grid.

Step 18: Finish the look with Looking Glass Top Coat.