Vice Flames Nail Art Tutorial

Set fire to your nail art game with neon flames.

Achieve this look by using our At Its Finest Nail Art Brush and our Vice 2022 polishes.


Supplies Needed

Get Ready Base Coat Looking Glass Top CoatKushy

Sky HighGuilty PleasureSocialitePyro • 

At Its Finest Nail Art BrushAu Revoir Nail Polish RemoverClean Up Brush • Piece of Aluminum Foil



— Directions —


Step 1: Begin with Get Ready Base Coat.

Step 2: Begin with a piece of aluminum foil to use as a DIY paint palette.

Step 3: Add a dollop of Pyro onto your aluminum foil.

Step 4: Load Pyro onto At Its Finest Nail Art Brush and roll it out to spread the polish evenly onto the brush. Ensure that the polish doesn’t get onto the metal ferrule of the brush.

Step 5: Create curved lines in sections to mimic the curves of a flame.

Step 6: Reload your brush with Pyro as needed.

Step 7: Touch up areas and add a second coat on areas that need another layer.

Step 8: Dip Clean Up Brush into Au Revoir Nail Polish Remover and dab onto our Clean Sweep Lint Free Wipes. Clean up your edges with our Clean Up Brush.

Step 9: Clean your brush by dipping into Au Revoir Nail Polish Remover and wiping it off on a wipe.

Step 10: Finish off the look with Looking Glass Top Coat.