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Enchanted Pearls

Enchanted Pearls

Girl With the Pearl Earring? More like an Icon with Pearl Nails. Grab your dotting tools because our Enchanted Pearls are here to fulfill the pearlescent nail art look of your dream. These nail art accessories are the crème de la crème of your embellishment coated fantasy. Here to satisfy your black and white obsession, these charms can be used in a classic and minimalist fashion or in fabulous excess. This set includes 2 grams of black mother-of-pearl and cream pearls.

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Good To Know

  • Easy to use
  • Fun & Cute

How To

Follow these easy steps or watch our video tutorial to re-create this look.. Apply top coat and let dry until slightly tacky. Place Enchanted Pearls with a dotting tool dipped in top coat or tweezers and press down lightly.Finish with a second layer of top coat.


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