Jelly Fruit Skittle Nail Tutorial

Learn how to create the absolute cutest, simple fruit punch inspired skittle nails right before your *berry* eyes!




Supplies Needed 



Step 1: Begin with Carpe Diem as your base. [0:03-0:06]

Step 2: Use our Clean-Up Brush to remove part of the polish to create a half-moon shape. [0:08-0:11]

Step 3: Apply 1-2 coats of XOXO Jelly to the top part of your nail. [0:12-0:17]

Step 4: Applv 2-3 coats of Berrv Jellv onto a separate nail. [0:17-0:19]

Step 5: On another nail, apply Kelly Jelly in a curved shape to the side. This will be the rind of the watermelon. [0:19-0:24]

Step 6: Fill in the rest of your nail with XOXO Jelly. [0:25-0:27]

Step 7: Apply Spotted onto nails 1 and 3 to create the seeds. [0:28-0:33]