Cirque Colors x Lauren Martin Sticker Sheet

Use these cute stickers to cover your planner, presents, water bottle, or whatever's closest to you! This Limited Edition 6" x 4" sticker sheet includes 9 adorable, Candy Coat inspired die cut stickers by our friend, artist Lauren Martin.
The clear baggie this sheet comes in is compostable!
✔   Fun
✔   Cute
✔   Compostable bag

About the Artist:

New York based illustrator and musician, Lauren Martin, specializes in bringing food, plants, and various inanimate objects to life! She's a nail polish enthusiast who brought old fashioned candy stores and holiday nostalgia inspirations into the Cirque Colors Holiday Shop, with illustrations for our Sticker Sheet, Magnet, and more things to come. Notably, Lauren has also created illustrations for Paper Magazine, Bumble, The Wall Street Journal, and New York Magazine.



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Cirque Colors x Lauren Martin Sticker Sheet


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