Victor Glemaud FW2020 Pt. 1

On Thursday, February 6th, 2020 we were behind the scenes at The SoHo Grand Hotel for the Victor Glemaud FW2020 fashion show! Nails were led by Leanne Woodley, and all models were wearing The Devil Wears Cirque Colors.

Victor Glemaud knitted collection was nothing short of stunning. With his color blocked sweaters, pants, dresses, and coats, we're expecting a cozy fall in our forecast!

Vogue writes, "But the best thing Glemaud did on his runway—his first—was show his clothing on a glamorous cast of people of all types. As his turban-clad models—an homage to both his friend Camilla Staerk and the women he grew up with—sauntered around a lounge in the SoHo Grand hotel, audience members could be heard whispering, picking out a must-have pant or bolero sweater. That kind of inclusivity translates to real customers who will be delighted at the prospect of wearing a square-neck minidress—hot—with Nike sneakers."

Check out what's happening behind the scenes here!

Holdfast Base Coat