THE TOP COAT: Tracy of @tracykawaii

24th Jul 2020

Tracy is a New York City-based nail tech who posts the most kawaii (cute in Japanese!) nail art and pics of her pups Eevee and Finn on her Instagram,  @tracykawaii. Tracy's work has been featured on POPSUGARHarpers Bazaar, and Elite Daily.

I am a nail artist born in Seoul, Korea; adopted and raised in Queens, NY. Started doing nails six years ago. I tend to gravitate towards floral designs and sparkles. 

How did you come to know of Cirque Colors?

I got introduced through working events with LadyFancyNails!


What's the question you're asked most as a nail tech?

“Why do my cuticles get so dry?” “Is gel really bad for your nails?”

Favorite step when it comes to doing manicures? Worst?

Favorite : pushing back on cuticles.

Worst : smudging the color during top coating or right after.

Tracy KawaiiTracy Kawaii

We're in love with your pups Eevee and Finn! Can you tell us a little about them? (Can we get pics? Haha!)

They’re a silly pair that have grown on each other during quarantine. Eevee is 7 y/o while Finn is a little over a year old, so she taught him how to dog. He loves to annoy her which I call, “kneading the loaf.”

Tracy KawaiiTracy Kawaii

Any tips for anyone who wants to paint their nails like a professional?

Practice, practice and practice some more. If you practice painting a line on your nail everyday or even every week, you’re going to see your line work has improved.

Your top 3 Cirque Colors products?

I LOVE all your glitter/holo options I can’t honestly just pick one. I’m a sucker for sparkles and these shades are so unique.

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