THE TOP COAT: Mischelle of @studiomisch

3rd Jan 2021

Mischelle is a Brooklyn-based photographer and is the owner of @lilmisch and @studiomisch. You may recognize her photos as we have been working with Mischelle since our Vice 2020 collection! Mischelle has been featured on BOOOOOOOM!, Fubiz, Instagram, Adobe, Featureshoot, and Apple. 

I'm a Brooklyn-based photographer who works with a lot of color inside and outside––meaning I make vibrant edits of photos taken from road trips and also set up colorful shoots in my studio.

The Cirque Colors team is a huge fan of your work! Where does your inspiration come from? 

Thank you!! A lot of inspiration comes from nostalgic color palettes I grew up with, like from a Disney comforter or plastic pencil case full of gel pens. I also get inspo from vintage cookbooks and ads, mostly of Chinese food, as well as fashion editorials.

Did you know you wanted to get into photography? 

I actually attended photo school but I knew photography was my medium back in the MySpace days haha.

We love the bright pops of color you use for your shoots! How do you visualize what you want out of a final photo? 

I initially come up with the concept based on the product and then focus on the shapes and color palette. And to be honest, I often don't know what I'm doing or what I want until I've set up for the shoot because a lot of the best ideas come on the spot while experimenting with the props.

We love your posts about your BTS and saw that your family and friends get involved in your shoots. Do they enjoy being a part of them? 

I hope they do! To be my hand model, it requires a little bit of contorting which for someone like my mom can't do easily so it gets a little strenuous but they do love the end product and getting featured of course!

What are your interests outside of photography? 

TNR/cat rescuing is a passion of mine! I also enjoy consuming a lot of true crime podcasts and documentaries. And of course, traveling or road tripping is very important to me.

Any dream projects you'd like to do in the future? 

I love what I do and it is truly a dream each time a client lets me do what I want with how I envision things, so just to have more consistent projects like these would be the ultimate dream!

How is it working with polish? Do you find it easier/more difficult than shooting other products? 

I love working with nail polish, you guys make sure I stay manicured!! My hands in any shoot normally have polish on anyway so it was definitely not something new, but keeping the hands moisturized after all the handwashing is another story. I have a ton of fun shooting the polish!

Your top 3 Cirque Colors products:

Superfreak, Thirsty, We Trippy

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