THE TOP COAT: Lauren of @laurenladnier

29th May 2020

Lauren, aka @laurenladnier of Chillhouse-nail-model-fame has been featured in ElleRefinery29 (twice), CosmopolitanInStyleSong of Style, and Nylon magazine. Even if you haven't heard of her you've probably seen her nails or nail art inspired by her looks before!

"Hi! My name Lauren! Nail art is probably one of my biggest obsessions! I think nail art is an easy way for me to express my personality without words- but I'm always more than happy to talk about my nails and my inspiration haha. I'm from a small town in Mississippi, but moved to NYC almost 9 years ago to pursue a career in fashion. I'm quarantining in Mississippi right now due to the current state of the world, but I can't wait to go back to New York City, I miss it so much! Being home though has really helped me remember how much I enjoy painting my own nails though- I missed it!"

Do you remember when/how you got into nail polish?

It's funny because for as long as I can remember I've loved nail polish. I remember begging my mom for quarters so I could buy a tiny bottle of glittery pink polish from a gum ball machine at the grocery store. They should really bring back those machines haha!! In terms of me seriously getting into nail polish though, I'd say I really started experimenting with designs in college. Instagram had just come out and I remember doing all these crazy designs just so I could post them to my page.

What’s the question you get asked most?

Hmmm... the question I probably get asked the most is where are my rings from haha! But other than that common question, it's probably what kind of polish I use (regular, gel, SNS, ect.). My answer to that question used to always be "gel", but now it's "regular polish" due to quarantine!

How do you approach creating content?

I try to create content that makes me happy and reflects my personality. I used to post really dark photos and I found myself not posting outfits I liked because it didn't "match my aesthetic" and I kind of took a step back and was like "why am I limiting myself when it's MY Instagram?" So after that realization I started posting happy and colorful pictures and it's funny because it's so much easier to post now and I think that's how it should be. When you look at your grid it should make YOU happy!!

How have you been passing time staying at home?

Honestly, painting my nails has been one of the major ways I've been passing the time at home. I try to set aside time when I can just take my time and experiment with designs. I forgot how much I love painting my nails! For me it's a great form of stress relief. I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't stress me out a little when it's a more difficult design, but I really love having a creative outlet.

What’s one way you treat yourself?

Before quarantine I would say I liked to treat myself to a manicure at the salon (and pedicure when I REALLY wanted to treat myself). Now, I find myself treating myself to homemade matchas! I love finding new recipes online and trying them out! And yes I caved to the dalgona trend!

Where/what do you get inspiration from?

I would say I definitely get a majority of my inspiration from instagram. I love kinda getting lost in the nail art black hole of instagram. I just click on on an account and see who they tag or who they follow and just kinda bounce around and get inspired. I also love how instagram will suggest similar photos now so I use that as well! I also follow a lot of great accounts and like to go to them for inspo as well!

What are your top 3 Cirque Colors products?

I know it seems kind of random, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my  Cirque Colors Clean Up Brush! I use it so much! It's perfect! I use it to clean up polish, but also to fix little mistakes I make while creating nail designs. I can't paint my nails without it. I also love the Organza polish (I used this color for my sister's wedding!) and A Fiori which I used for my at home flower manicure!

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