THE TOP COAT: Ellie of @breakfastatellies

10th Jul 2020

Ellie is a New York City-based content creator who shares her love for beauty on her Instagram,  @breakfastatellies. Her skincare journey is fun and relatable and she brings a fresh perspective on all things beauty. She has been featured in The Glow Edit and KraveBeauty Blog.

Ellie at @breakfastatallies

Hi I’m Ellie! I’m a 23 year old content creator living in NYC. I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky but moved to NYC in the last year to pursue a career in beauty. I currently work in beauty Social Media Marketing and absolutely love it!

When did your love of Cirque Colors begin?

I actually received the Cirque summer collection last year in PR and I fell in love with the formula. I have been shouting my love from the rooftops ever since. My roommate and I make orders all the time now, we are truly obsessed.

What is your creative process like?

It’s honestly very sporadic. In terms of photography, I really just go with my instinct. I set up a shot in a way that feels natural, and I usually just go with the first set up I try. I then take a billion photos and sift through them all before deciding on one or a few to post. I’m very particular about the final result, but the creative process itself all comes from my gut instinct.

Ellie at @breakfastatallies

Favorite step when it comes to your skincare routine?

My favorite step in my skincare routine is definitely toner. I feel like exfoliating toners make the most difference in my skin. I’ve been loving the Youth to the People 11% AHA Power Toner, as well as the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads for when my skin is really freaking out. My simple skin routine is usually just toner + moisturizer.

Who/what do you take inspiration from?

I follow almost 3 thousand other creators on Instagram, and I am inspired by my fellow creators every single day. There are so many talented and creative people on the platform. In terms of creative inspiration, I still flip through magazines and old fashion books - those still are my top creative inspiration, even with Pinterest and Instagram.

Ellie at @breakfastatallies

What’s one way you treat yourself? 

Obviously painting my nails is part of my “treat yourself” mentality. When I need a minute to myself or a stress reliever, painting my nails is always a relaxing activity with a beautiful end result. I also indulge in dairy every once in a while, although my lactose intolerance is not happy with me on that one

What are your plans once quarantine is over?

It still kind of feels like there’s no end in sight, but hopefully once things eventually can go back to normal I just want to be able to visit my family and get back out and about in the city. I love NYC and just want to be able to explore and have fun again.

Ellie at @breakfastatallies

Any tips for anyone who wants to start blogging?

It always sounds cliche to say, but just be yourself. I try not to force anything on my feed - I post when I feel like posting and when I feel inspired. I like to think people are drawn to the authenticity!

Top 3 cirque products!

This is such a hard question but my top three shades are High Society, Sunset Cruise (my #1 for sure) and Rose Quartz. I’m all about the pinks and greens.

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