THE TOP COAT: Ashley of NakedAshNails

5th Sep 2020

Ashley is a Brooklyn-based teacher as her full-time career and nail tech! Ashley has been featured in HuffPost and worked in many NYFW shows and events such as Telfar, Chromat, and Nike.

"Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Haitian descent. Growing up I have always been in love with the arts, learning and teaching, it’s no wonder I would be in the field of Education. Nail Art has always been apart of me, self taught in mastering the care and health of the natural nail. I love colors, nails and art, all that together, you have me! Naked Ash Nails"

Do you remember your first experience with nail polish?

My first experience with nail polish was when I was younger. It was just my mom and I, We would go everywhere together and I would carry a small bag of random BRUCCI Nail Hardener colors, which I saved up and got myself at my local Beauty supply store in Brooklyn or my mom would give me some of hers. I became obsessed with nail polish because my mom had a small collection herself and I wanted to be just like her.

We know you've done a lot of shows for New York Fashion Week! What was your favorite show to do?

Fashion Week is definitely a week of full excitement and adrenaline. I’ve done tons of fashion week shows over the years but my favorite one recently I’ve done was with Telfar SS19, LFN as lead nail artist. Their energy backstage was everything the models were absolutely spectacular! There was a live performance in the middle of the runway outside while it was raining but that didn’t even matter, the show went on with a hit and it was amazing! Would definitely do another Telfar show again!

What's your personal style like?

My personal style is very chill comfortable relaxed but I always have signature pieces or something that pops. My personal style definitely matches my nail art style very minimalist ,very chill but definitely eye catching.

How do you treat yourself?

This is funny, one way I treat myself is buying anything nail art. A fun day to me is going to my favorite nail supply store in Brooklyn and stocking up on nail supplies, buying new colors and trying not to duplicate colors that I already have (which has happened many times before) and nail mail is always the best.

Your nail art is amazing! Do you have any tips for anyone looking to doing nail art?

Tips for doing nail art, practice practice practice. Nail art should be fun, take your time and start small. Master your lines, moons and other shapes first. Once you get shapes down you can almost do anything.

Top 3 Cirque Products?

My top 3 Cirque Colors I use hands down all the time are:

Cirque Colors Tea Tree Cuticle Oil

Cirque Colors Clean Up Brush (my fave)

Cirque Colors Liquid Laminate Top Coat

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