THE TOP COAT: Anja of @big_monkey_pie

24th Apr 2020

Today we're interviewing Anja of  @big_monkey_pie. Anja is one of our two Cirque Colors Club moderators and has been a friend of Cirque for years, helping us connect with fans and share top secret sneak peeks for upcoming launches! She's also one of the most requested interviewees.

"Hi! My name is Anja aka  @big_monkey_pie. I am a Copenhagen (Denmark) based, nail polish loving, fiend for colour. When I am not painting my nails I like to read, paint and draw, play board games, listen to music, photograph, travel and cook.

I have two cats - Ditlev and Adrian - which are often featured on my IG. My favourite colours are green, orange, grey, and black."

Do you remember when/how you got into nail polish?

I remember starting to buy nail polish when I was in my early 20s when I also started wearing makeup, but I did not discover indies until I was in my late 30s.

Now I am on my fifth Helmer - indies only. ;-)

How did you find Cirque Colors?

My very first Cirque Colors polish was Dark Horse from the Dark Horse Collection. It was my second indie polish. I cannot remember exactly how I found it, but I am thinking it must have been while browsing online or reading blogs.

You're probably the first person to hear about launches, collaborations and all news for Cirque Colors outside of our team! Can you explain your relationship with Cirque in your own words?

Hmmm, that is hard to put into words - I would say it is equal parts fun, excitement, joy, and professionalism. I am forever grateful to be able to be part of the moderator team in the Cirque Colors Facebook group Cirque Colors Club; it is so much fun, and I really enjoy interacting with other fans about everything Cirque.

How have you been passing time staying at home?

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home while the country is on lock-down, so I spend my days answering customer emails, editing, coding, and proofreading. Since I have been working from home more or less every day for the last two years while our office building is being renovated, the lock-down hasn't changed my daily routines much.

What’s one way you treat yourself?

I turn off my phone, put in earplugs (if the neighbours are being noisy) and read a book or paint/draw. A couple of hours completely immersed in my imagination and with no disturbances is luxury of top-drawer quality to me.

What do you do with your free time (outside of nail polish lol)?

I cook a lot and I also spend a lot of time activating our cats (we live in an apartment, so they are indoor only). I also like going for rides on my bicycle for inspiration and snapping pictures (besides the exercise, of course).

When the cats are asleep, I like to paint/draw while listening to audio books, music or my favourite radio program. I also like playing board games (mostly strategy) with my husband.

Top 3 Cirque Colors products?

1.  McKittrick; THE perfect British racing green.

2.  The Green Tea Cuticle Oil Pen; this has been a game changer for me. 

3. Tied at 3 is  Raven (from the Manus x Machina Collection), Martinique (an International Playground exclusive), and Erda (from the Arcus Collection).

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