Shop Cirque Colors at The Joy of Pop-In@Nordstrom

17th Nov 2020

Shop Cirque Colors in real life or online at The Joy of Pop-In@Nordstrom!

The Joy of Pop-In@Nordstrom showcases locally produced goods, independently owned/self-funded brands, diversity among brand founders, and much more. Our selected products are listed below. 

The Joy of Pop-In@Nordstrom

Select Stores + Online: Snow ConeFairy FlossSugar Plum, and Sour Punch

Online Only:

Nail care bundle (base coat, top coat, crystal nail file, rose cuticle oil)

Duo: Memento Mori + XX

Duo: Rose Quartz + Mystic Moonstone

Duo: A Fiori + Trompe L’oeil

Duo: Velvetine + Succulent Garden

Browse the 12 select Nordstrom stores that are participating. From now until January 10th. Happy shopping!

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