3rd Feb 2022

Layering 101

When it comes to nail polish, we believe there are no rules. Applying one polish over another is a fun way to experiment, allowing you to mix, match, and play without having to make a new purchase to try something new. Getting creative means that your polish collection now includes new shades in new finishes.

Let's make the most of your polishes with layering!

Watch our video below for a basic introduction to layering nail polish and to discover the transformative power of one coat of polish. This video shows the shift that shimmer, holographic, and iridescent polishes can make to a creme lacquer.

Polishes Featured:  Memento MoriWild Berry WestGarnetNectarBonbonMystic Moonstone

A jelly sandwich manicure is a layering technique in which a topper is "sandwiched" between coats of jelly polish. This is a subtle way to wear glitter nail polish that looks instantly classic while adding interest and dimension to your look.

Polishes Featured:  Get Ready Base CoatNavy JellyXXCocoa JellyNectarLinenLullabyOlive JellySun-KissedMarsala JellyCrystal TokyoLooking Glass Top Coat

We couldn't talk about layering without sharing some of our team's favorite combos...

Polishes Featured:  Fandango,Tequila SunriseFairy FlossLone StarCitrineArabesque

Now that you've mastered the fundamentals, it's time to experiment with your own DIY looks. We recommend starting with a plain piece of white scrap paper and working within similar color families while you're learning the ropes. Bring out your collection and start layering!