Who said glaze had to be neutral? Embracing 90s vibes, the Glazed Collection was inspired by beads, banana milk, gummy bears, platform sandals, and the wash of color from the salvaged markers and worn out jelly pens recovered from our childhood pencil box. Oh, and newsflash, all of these shades including Spotted are part of our permanent line.

Berry Jelly is a magenta purple jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. A dream shade for jelly sandwich lovers, both the nail art and snack kind, this black currant wash of color is fit to wear for all four seasons. Pour a glass of plum wine to pair with this flirty, buildable, berry blossom tint.

Citron Jelly is a lemon yellow jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. This is a shade made solely to put a smile on your face. Fit for a beekeeper, this kiss of sunshine yellow will have you baking zesty pineapple tarts at your miami beach house. Just think of how many compliments will pour in from creating a unique daffodil high shine jelly look at home! But don't forget to put on your sunglasses.

Haze Jelly is a sheer lavender-gray jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. This romantic, dusty limonium glass lacquer will instantly transport you to an Irish countryside cottage. Swipe on a subtle layer of this chic, rare gel-like shade, open a window, and let in the spring fog. After building this shade to your desired opacity make sure to melt into relaxation by brewing a fresh pot of earl grey tea and gazing into Haze Jelly's cloudy gloss.

Kelly Jelly is a grass green jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. When Mary Jane is your style icon, Cirque Colors’ Kelly Jelly is the lush and intense primavera green that offers a chic translucent finish. Add this high-gloss finish jelly lacquer to your collection for endless nail art look options. How 'bout them (green) apples?

Peach Jelly is a sheer, light coral-pink jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. One Bellini, heavy on the Prosecco, coming right up! Get a luscious nail glow with this peachy keen wash of color. A juicy coral nail maximizer, Peach Jelly is outrageously delicious. Warning: You may lose sleep on this shade because papa don't peach.

XOXO Jelly is a hot pink jelly nail polish with a shiny, transparent finish. Regina George just called and it's Wednesday. Don't make us spell it out for you-- this color is practically shouting P-I-N-K! This bubblegum b*tch polish is a buildable and versatile color burst. Consider this lacquer explicit.

When you like color, but you’re avant-garde, Cirque Colors’ Spotted black nail polish topper tops all the rest. An alternative to colorful glitters and speckles, our black spotted topper in a clear base is a unique little pop for your nails. Add a pottery inspired unexpected chicness and zing to any nail color.