Cirque Colors x HBO Max Search Party

9th Jul 2020

Search Party Season 3

We've teamed up with HBO Max, and other Brooklyn-based brands, to help launch Search Party Season 3! Search Party blends true crime and comedy to create a hilarious, yet captivating series following a millennial group of friends who become involved in the search of a missing woman. Check out the polishes approved by Portia, Drew, Elliott, and Dory!

Search PartySearch Party


Arabesque, for those who like to get caught red-handed like Dory

Central Park After Dark

Central Park After Dark, for those who appear safe but actually are dangerous, like Drew


Subculture, for those who like to keep their charity waters cold, like Elliot

Chiffon, you can't get much girlier than Portia... and pink chiffon

HBO Max Search Party