Cirque Colors is getting a makeover!

Music Credit: Leopard Print Elevator

We've been so busy these past few months working on a new collection and a new look for the company. After 5 years, we are shedding our dark-romantic roots to better reflect the true essence of the brand - what makes us different and why our fans support us.

Our exploration lead us to a common bond - for the joy for creativity. Cirque Colors has transformed into a brand with more meaning behind it than just “circle” and “the color wheel”. Over the years, the symbolic color wheel has evolved into thought bubbles and ideas - a window into the imagination. It comes full circle as users express themselves creatively through the use of color and nail art.

Rest assured, you can expect the same high quality formula and customer service that you're already use to. We hope you’ll continue to join us as we reveal our upcoming spring/summer collections. Here’s a sneak peek of Kawaii. Launching April 28!

Music Credit: Chill Wave