Aura Collection

Take control of the metaphysical by guiding the reflective silver pigment in our Aura Collection polishes with our Magnetic Wand, swooping over your nails to effortlessly create a mesmerizing, dimensional crushed velvet look. 
Our signature Aura Look, mimicking the look of crushed velvet, scatters shimmery metallic specks throughout the nail to create an illuminating glimmer moving across your mani at every angle. 
Which aura are you? Find clarity and focus on communication and self-expression with Oracle, giving off a navy blue aura. Embrace romance and love with our light pink BAE, as in “Big Aura Energy." Bring out your creative, playful side with Clairvoyants’ lavender aura. Meditate on peace and harmony with the mint green glow of Good Vibes Only. Our sky blue Mind Over Matter will help you follow your intuition.