Hello We’re Cirque Colors and we believe in doing more of what brings you joy

We make safe, non-toxic nail polish in unique colors and formulations that inspire you to feel, create and experience. It takes a lot of effort to live your best life. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to hit pause, recharge and focus on something fun.

You’re Invited

Diversity and inclusion are values that are important to us, both inside and outside our organization. It's more than just showing color swatches on different people or polling our fans for color ideas. We’re creating a community that welcomes all skin tones, nail shapes and everything in-between.

Doing Good

We’re committed to using our platform to raise awareness on issues that matter. Our Do Good products are inspired by you and created for you, with 100% net proceeds directly benefiting the causes that you care about. From women’s rights to civil rights, click here to read more about the various charities and nonprofits that we’ve worked with.

Eco-Conscious State of Mind

We often make decisions with the environment in mind and are continuously striving to reduce waste and minimize plastic. That’s why your nail mail arrives in brown paper packaging. While it may not be not be the prettiest, we think preserving mother earth is worth it.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free. With Conscience.